Diesel-powered versions of the Vitara and S-Cross have vanished from the range.

Suzuki has stopped selling diesel engines in the UK due to a lack of demand, a spokesperson for the Japanese company has confirmed.

According to Suzuki GB, diesel-powered cars accounted for less than three percent of the brand’s sales, so production of diesel engines has now stopped.

The only Suzuki models previously available with diesel engines were the S-Cross and Vitara, but both will now be sold only with petrol engines.

The news comes just days after figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showed that diesel sales fell by more than 37 percent in March 2018.

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Although Suzuki’s move might look like another nail in the coffin for diesel – a fuel that has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons since the Dieselgate scandal of late 2015 – the company has announced that it will continue to sell diesel engines in Northern Ireland and the situation in mainland Britain will remain under review.

Customers will still be able to buy new diesel Suzukis, but these cars will be limited in number and are unlikely to offer much choice in the way of colours and specification.

Suzuki’s spokesperson said: ‘Due to very low demand for diesel engine models in the UK Suzuki range, the [diesel] derivatives of Vitara and S-Cross for the UK only have temporarily ceased production. This is due to much higher demand for the Boosterjet petrol models and the real world fuel consumption that they attain. Diesel engine models will be available from existing stock only.

‘However, these models will remain on sale in the Republic of Ireland where demand is much stronger.’

The Japanese company also confirmed that it has stopped taking orders for new Jimnys ahead of the new model’s arrival in early 2019.

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