The Evoque has been around for seven years now and it's no longer the new kid on the block – rivals are sharper to drive, lighter, and more economical...and there are more of them too. Think of the entry-level Range Rover's competition, what with the Volvo XC40, Lexus UX, Jaguar E-Pace and the BMW X2.

A prototype was seen the other day tackling the demanding Nürburgring and unsurprisingly it was carrying around a lot of camouflage. Nevertheless, we’re getting a distinct 'baby Velar' vibe from the car and we are also able to catch a glimpse of the front air intakes, which indicates that the test vehicle was wearing a production-ready bumper. Although the SUV's proportions won’t go through significant changes, the wheelbase is expected to be stretched and the widths will also be elongated – all for the sake of freeing up more space inside the cabin while sticking to the same D8 platform.

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As was the case with previous prototypes we've seen of the new Evoque, we’re looking at a five-door model and it could be a sign that a three-door version of the car won’t actually be offered. That doesn't mean the convertible version of the car, though – our sources suggest that the soft-top Evoque will survive into the second generation. 

Land Rover is planning not one, but two hybrid powertrains as word on the street suggests the revamped Evoque will combine petrol and diesel engines with an electric motor. It will be interesting to see whether SVO will get its hands on the small 4x4 for a high-performance version, presumably with somewhere in the region of 300bhp or even more.

Lesser models are set to use new Ingenium four-cylinder units, with output expected to vary from around 148bhp to 237bhp for the diesels and from 237 to 296bhp for the petrol engines. The cheaper versions of the Evoque will feature a front-wheel-drive layout, with four-wheel drive as standard on the more expensive versions. Output will be channeled to the road via a nine-speed ZF automatic transmission.

The overhauled Range Rover Evoque is expected to debut later this year before going on sale in late 2018/early 2019. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the full gallery of images. 

Gallery: 2019 Range Rover Evoque spied at the Nürburgring