We were already eager for the new Supra to get here before Toyota showed us the GR Supra Racing Concept at the Geneva motor show earlier this month. Now, every time we see new spy shots like the ones our photographers have captured here, our necks bend a bit further and the sighs get a bit deeper. We need this freaking car, like now.

Unfortunately, we aren’t going to get it now. Current rumors still say the new production-ready Supra will debut next year at the 2019 Detroit motor show. Granted we’ve gone over a decade without a new Supra so a few more months doesn't really matter. That doesn’t make us any less eager to get behind the wheel, however.

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Toyota Supra Spy Photo
Toyota Supra Spy Photo

This current batch of shots still show the car wearing a full camouflage wrap, but of all the spy photos we’ve seen so far, these could be the best at showing the production car’s curvy lines. And there are certainly plenty of curves to appreciate – we’re especially fond of the arches over the rear wheels, not to mention the double-bubble on the roof.

Admittedly, in the back of our minds (and we suspect in the back of many enthusiasts' minds) there’s been the nagging thought that the Supra might just be a new BMW Z4 with a Toyota badge. The cars are being developed together – they will share the same platform and recent reports have indicated that they will in fact share many suspension and powertrain components, including a BMW-sourced inline-six engine. As such, there could be potential for serious letdown in that, though it might have great performance, it may feel like a BMW in a Toyota suit.

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Both Toyota and BMW have said that, despite the common DNA, both cars will have distinct tuning and personalities. In that sense, this latest batch of spy photos is rather reassuring because the Supra’s curves are certainly different compared to the Z4 spy photos we’ve seen, with the gallery above being a great comparison for showing the BMW's straighter shape. If both cars are as different to experience behind the wheel as they are to look at (so far, anyway), that should make the Supra’s rebirth even sweeter.

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