Last year we reported about a 'brand new' 2006 Ford GT that came up for sale with a mere 10.8 miles on the clock.

Well, we owe you an apology. That car isn't brand new, it's 'well-used'. Well-used in comparison to two more Ford GTs that have come up for sale – both of which have a combined mileage lower than the one that came up last year.

At next month's Mecum auction in Houston, a pair of pretty much identical Ford GTs will be offered for sale. A 2005 model with 2.6 original miles on the clock, and a 2006 model with just two. Two whole miles – that's probably less than a human walks in an entire day, let alone a car in more than a decade.

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2005 Ford GT Auction
2006 Ford GT Auction

Both cars have just one owner each, have red paint with white stripes, red brake calipers, and lightweight aluminium BBS wheels. All books, manuals, and keys are included in both sales, as well as the original window stickers.

The 2006 is particularly intriguing – it even has all of the original plastic wrapping and covering in the interior, as well as a copy of the original payment cheque.

Power comes from a 5.4-litre V8 packs 550bhp, and it's apparently more economical than the 'Ecoboost' V6 engine that you'll find in the latest version of the Ford supercar. Top speed is at least 205mph, while the dash from standstill to 60mph is handled in a brisk 3.3 seconds. Ford built just 4,033 GTs – 2,022 in 2005 and 2,011 in 2006 and all were snapped up pretty quickly, much like the current GT which can only be bought by invitation only.

The original price for the car was £112,000 in 2006 – worth £150,000 in 2017 thanks to inflation – but expect both of these perfectly preserved examples to sell for much, much more than that.

Gallery: Two identical untouched Ford GTs are heading to auction