Put your name down for a Range Rover SV Coupe when you can folks, because this most spectacular signifier of a luxury heritage brand will not be going into full production.

The £240k SV Coupe was unveiled at this month’s Geneva motor show as a limited run model and the most expensive Range Rover to date. Since then, Motor1.com has had a chat with one of the main marketing boffins responsible for bringing this car to market and he informed us that Range Rover has no plans to make production go beyond the 999 units.

Senior product marketing manager Wayne Darley said: 'It’s important that we limit production at this price point to ensure exclusivity and protect these investments. It was a decision we took with Project 7 – a 250-run Jaguar F-Type that was inspired by the 1950s D-Type – and while that car sold for £130,000, they are trading today for more than £200,000.'

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Before Jaguar Land Rover, Darley developed the UK business cases for both the original Porsche Cayenne and the Carrera GT, so you could say he has a pretty strong hit rate of knowing what customers want. Clearly, there is enough flex in the Range Rover brand to justify a car that costs £80,000 more than the SVAutobiography Dynamic it’s based upon, but the reasoning for that price hike are various and justified.

The Range Rover SV Coupe was conceived by Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) around the same time as the race-inspired Project 7, but its arrival three years later shows just how much development was required under the skin. New tools and tolerances were created to support the fabrication of a pair of 1.4m long doors that nearly fill the wheelbase, and continue to ensure this Range Rover’s go-anywhere remit.

New craft techniques were also explored to create a bespoke ‘Nautica wood’ trim level, combining sycamore and walnut for that ultimate luxury yacht on wheels vibe. 'The SV Coupe really pushes the boundaries in body and materials,' Darley explained, and while the anything-but-standard Range Rover is built at the company’s Land Rover factory in Solihull, each of the 999 units here will be assembled by hand at SVO’s headquarters in Coventry.

Special Vehicle Operations continues to grow in both sphere and influence. Last year, the brand announced global sales of 4,800 units, encompassing everything from the Jaguar SV Project 8 to a GT4 race-prepped F-Type under its flagship ‘special commission’ banner. In 2018, with the arrival of SV Coupe, Defender Works V8 and more bespoke projects, SVO predicts it will more than double output to 10,500 units.

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