Hot estate cars are few and far between, but thankfully Seat has kept that niche alive with the new Seat Leon Cupra R ST which has gone on show at the Geneva motor show.

Based on the hot Seat Leon hatchback – which itself is based on the Volkswagen Golf – it comes with the same 2-litre TSI petrol engine producing 296bhp. This time that power goes to all for wheels via Seat’s 4Drive system. The gearbox is a six-speed DSG twin-clutch gearbox, which helps the car achieve a 0-62mph time of around six seconds, and a limited top speed of 155mph, which should make the school run interesting.

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Gallery: Seat Leon Cupra R ST at the 2018 Geneva motor show

Like the hatchback, the ST comes with lashings of carbonfibre and copper finish on both the outside and the inside, which is also trimmed with Alcantara giving the look and feel of something much more upmarket. However, unlike the hatchback there are fewer changes to the bodywork compared to the standard Leon ST, so we could end up seeing more of these than the hatch.

Don't let that fool you into thinking this is just a fancy version of the standard car though. As well as the serious engine and gearbox combination, there's also a new exhaust system, and there will likely be upgraded Brembo brake calipers and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres on offer too showing that this fast family car really does mean business.

Deliveries will start before the end of the year, with prices set to be in excess of £30,000. Seat aiming the car at those who would usually opt for BMW’s M variants or hot cars from sisters brand Audi or Volkswagen, but want something less-costly and more restrained. Although we're not quite sure just how restrained a car with copper-coloured wheels is.