We’ve already seen official images of the new BMW X4, but this week’s Geneva motor show gives us a chance to see the latest iteration of BMW’s strange sporting coupe SUV in the metal for the first time.

Like every other car in BMW’s range, the latest iteration of the X4 presents a more refined and modern look, but one quite clearly inspired by the model that preceded it. This one’s based on the X3 platform, so as well as looking familiar, it’s another car we’ve already sampled underneath too.

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If you think this is just a less practical version of a less practical version of BMW’s fancy top-end SUV, you’d be wrong, but only slightly. It is still all of that, but compared to the old X4, BMW has made it longer and wider in a bid to make it more usable. If a bigger car being more usable doesn’t make sense, let’s break it down to simple numbers: 525 – that’s the number of litres the boot now has, 25 more than before.

2019 BMW X4
2019 BMW X4

The latest BMW batch of tech finds its way onto the X4 including a 10.25-inch touchscreen. BMW’s iDrive infotainment system is amongst the most user friendly out there and features connected functions such as music streaming and live weather updates.

At first four engines will be offered – two petrol, and a pair of diesels too. At the bottom end of the range is a 184bhp xDrive 20i, while the other petrol option at launch is the xDrive 30i. Diesel versions are a 2-litre xDrive 20d which has a claimed combined economy rating of 52mpg. Similar to the petrol offerings, there’s a 30d option as well. All four come with four-wheel drive as standard.

If none of those choices are potent enough for you, fear not. M Sport versions are on the way soon to quench your performance thirst. For fans of oil-burners there will be an M40d kicking out 326bhp, or the petrol powered M40i with 360bhp. The latter will get from 0-62mph in just 4.8 second.


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The new X4 doesn’t come cheap, mind – the range will start around £43,000 with deliveries commencing in the summer.

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