Fiat Chrysler could be set to phase out diesel cars from all of its group brands by 2022, according to the latest reports.

The news comes during a drop in demand across the world for diesel amid increasing costs for the technology as tough new emissions regulations are introduced around the globe. The news is expected to confirmed on 1 June when the company unveils its new four-year business plan, according to the Financial Times.

The strategy would follow Volkswagen which has decided to focus on ditching diesel – and indeed petrol engines – with plans to introduce an all-electric range following the Dieselgate scandal.

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FCA has been suspected of bending the rules on emissions tests, too, with the company being investigated in both the USA and France.

The US Justice Department sued the company in May 2017, accusing it of using illegal software to cheat emissions tests on more than 100,000 cars sold since 2014. FCA has since revealed that it is working on a fix for those cars.

In France, tests indicated that the Fiat 500X and Jeep Cherokee produced more than 10 times the legal limit of nitrogen oxide when the tests were carried out for longer than the usual 20 minutes. Charges were being investigated for aggravated fraud, and carry potential fines amounting to 10 percent of the company's global revenue, or £8.2 billion in FCA's case, as the company reported revenues of just under £82 billion for 2016.

At the time the news of the French investigation broke, FCA said it 'looks forward to the opportunity to respond to these claims should they be made and to demonstrate its diesel vehicles comply with applicable emissions requirements.'

Ditching the engines entirely, though – that would surely be the easiest, even if not the cheapest, way to ensure that the regulations are being met.

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