Kia may be planning to roll out a whole family of variants of its new Ceed, but there will be so such plan for the Stinger, like some have been led to believe.

The popular Stinger is Kia's first performance offering, and the warm reception received by the sporty four-door coupe has led to some wondering if other variants will be made available, or if Stinger could in fact become a sub-brand, much like sister company Hyundai did with the Genesis, turning the coupe into its own fully fledged premium brand in the USA a few years ago.

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However, it looks like the Stinger will stay as it is for now, according to Kia USA's head of product planning, Orth Hedrick, who says the car was intended to be Kia's halo car, serving to make the brand appear more appealing.

'That was one of the points in making sure that we feature the Kia logo loud and proud [on the car],' Hedrick told US outlet Wards Auto. The Stinger also won't be a long-term replacement for the similarly-sized Optima saloon or the similarly-priced Cadenza that is sold overseas, because 'There are places that still want a big easy-driving, front-wheel-drive saloon,' according to Hedrick.

Also ruled out are pick-up truck and small SUV, much like what Hyundai is developing, saying that it '[isn't a] priority at this point, 'although Hedrick did seemingly hint at a rumoured Ceed SUV, saying: 'I think we would see more opportunity in C-segment [family cars] then we would in A- or B- segment models [city cars].'

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