The legendary Australian name is set to make a comeback.

Ferrari, McLaren, Fittipaldi... a number of motorsport legends have lent their names to road car ventures over the years, and now there could be another set to join the fray.

The Brabham family apparently has plans to enter the road car game under the guise of Brabham Automotive, with an announcement tabled for the not too distant future – all we have so far is a teaser image and a logo that's hardly worth the mention.


Of course, you may recall that this isn't the first time the Brabham name has attempted a comeback.

Back in 2014, David Brabham – son of Sir Jack Brabham – announced he was to bring the family name back to motorsport as a crowdfunded operation that had its sights set on eventually entering Formula 1. That project appears to have stalled though, with little recent news and no Brabham-branded teams in any form of motorsport.

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Now it looks as though those efforts have been focused away from the track. There are still rumours David Brabham has been working on gathering investors to enable him to buy out the embattled Force India F1 team, which would then be rebranded in order to promote its road car venture, much like Ferrari and McLaren, albeit starting the other way round.

While the Brabham name will always be associated with a racing team and one of motorsport's most successful families, producing road cars isn't an entirely out-of-the-box thought. Sir Jack Brabham made his name not only as a driver, but a master engineer. In fact, he was the first – and so far only driver – to win an F1 title in a car bearing his own name.

When will we find out more? Who knows. Brabham has said all 'will be announced shortly', and there's some sort of car show happening in Switzerland next month that would provide the perfect platform for such an announcement. Geneva, anybody?