The 488 GTB on steroids is ready to fight Porsche's 911 GT2 RS.

Ahead of an imminent debut, the new hardcore 488 is making its debut online courtesy of grainy official images posted by Autocar Japan. Aside from seeing the V8 supercar in all of its production glory, we are also finally able to discover the new machine's name: Pista, which is Italian for 'track'. Looking decidedly aggressive, the new prancing horse from Maranello has lost some of the fat and replaced it with muscle.

Indeed, the Japanese magazine is reporting the twin-turbo 3.9-litre V8 engine has been tuned to develop 711bhp, where the standard 488 GTB has to make do with a mere 652bhp. Torque is also apparently rated at 568lb ft, which when compared to the 488 GTB means an increase in torque of a heady 7lb ft.


Ferrari 488 Pista leaked official image

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As far as the weight loss is concerned, the new Ferrari 488 Pista tips the scales at a mere 1,280kg without any fluids in it whereas the GTB has a slightly heavier dry weight of 1,370kg.

As a result of the ideal more power/less weight combo, the run from 0-62mph now takes 2.8 seconds, which means that the new car does the run in two tenths of a second less than before. Top speed? That looks set to come in at 211mph.

It also seems that Ferrari has managed to boost downforce by 20 percent using techniques learned from its GTE and F1 programmes. Other tweaks include an updated side slip angle control and something called a 'Dynamic Enhancer' related to the supercar’s sophisticated braking system.

The latest Ferrari looks set to cost £215,000 – but we're expecting the details to be officially confirmed or denied by Ferrari shortly.

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