Ever wanted to be Lewis Hamilton but carry a load of stuff?

Mercedes has proven itself on the race track over the years, but now the four F1 titles that the German car maker has earned in the last four seasons have inspired a rather useful vehicle. That's right, Mercedes has introduced the most (least) wanted vehicle ever, a sporty van.

The new Vito Sport Line brings a bit more athletic character to the German manufacturer's mid-range commercial vehicle offering, adding side skirts, new bumpers, and other detachable body fixtures, plus a chrome-plated radiator grille and roof rails.

For an extra bit of class, there are tinted windows, just to make sure nobody can see the tools that aren't left in the vehicle overnight. Finishing off the sporty van off nicely are 18- or optional 19-inch light-alloy wheels. Oh, and there are stickers too, that make you go faster.

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Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport Line

The inside has been given a makeover too – there are black artificial leather seats, velour floor mats, a real leather steering wheel and gearknob, plus even more chrome flourishes.

'The Vito Sport Line combines numerous sporty items of additional equipment to offer a dynamic and attractive overall package for our successful model,' said Klaus Maier, head of sales at Mercedes' van division.

The van isn't all form though, there are functional enhancements too. Four-wheel drive is an optional extra, and there are three different weight variants for those heavier loads – 2.8t, 3.05t and 3.1t.

Prices for the Vito Sport Line upgrade are set to cost between £2,200 and £3,600 on top of the standard Vito. The Vito Sport Line will be available from the end of February 2018 in the standard Vito panel van configuration, as well as for the Mixto and Tourer variants.

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