Porsche has confirmed that it is looking into the possibility of creating ‘derivatives’ of its forthcoming Mission E electric sports car.

The sports coupe is expected to go into production in 2019, but the company’s head of production, Albrecht Reimold, has already admitted that the firm is looking into the car’s long-term future.

Reimold suggested that the first Mission E model will have a relatively short life-cycle before its replacement arrives, and that ‘derivatives’ of the car could also be in the pipeline

‘Normally, production lifecycles are set at somewhere between five and seven years, but we are seeing a trend towards shorter cycles these days,’ he said. ‘The iconic 911 is now in its seventh generation, with countless derivatives. Our creativity knows no limits and, naturally, we are also considering derivatives for Mission E.

‘We are investigating proposals, but you will need to be patient for a little longer!’

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Reimold also confirmed that other brands within the VW Group could produce electric sports cars based on the Mission E platform, provided the brand has sufficient ‘production capacity’.

But despite the forward-thinking stance, Reimold confesses that there are still hurdles to pass before Mission E arrives, and that the company does not yet know how it will build its new model.

‘It goes without saying that have a basic plan of how it will all be achieved, but the employees add their own ideas to the mix, so we are optimising on an ongoing basis, and this process of continuous improvement in all phases will continue,’ he said.

‘We are already enjoying seeing the first prototypes. Members of the production team are also involved in the pilot production phase, so that experience can be gained at an early stage. The technical development and our planners are working together to drive the feasibility of building this vehicle forwards. And everything is already going pretty well.’

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