Bugatti and Kia have never been remotely similar in any way, until now. The Korean manufacturer is famed for its industry-leading seven-year warranty, but now Bugatti has played the ultimate trump card by introducing a 15-year warranty. There's a catch though – primarily, you have to own a Bugatti, but that's just a small detail.

Bugatti's new customer service programme, called the Loyalty Maintenance Programme (LMP), helps owners reduce the famous high costs that come with owning and running a Veyron. The programme offers a number of services and tailors them to each customer's individual requirements.

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'Our customers use their Bugattis in very individual ways,' said Chris Kelly, head of Bugatti customer service. 'Many owners enjoy driving their car every day while others see it as an automotive work of art in their private collection. This means that individual customers have very different expectations of service. We can now meet these expectations much more effectively, in line with our customers’ wishes.'

To extend a car's warranty, Bugatti will give it an intense inspection, testing everything and replacing literally anything that needs replacing from spark plugs to carpets, and even applying updates. Once the process is over, Bugatti will give the car its seal of approval, and offer a warranty extension that could be as high as 15 years.

The service follows the introduction of Bugatti's approved used service a number of years ago, which helps customers find their ideal pre-owned Veyron – it prepares the car, and can even customise it entirely, making a virtually brand new car, albeit one officially approved by the factory.

The Bugatti Veyron was famed for a number of things, chief among which was the hypercar's four-figure metric power output, and its 253mph top speed. Of course, another thing the iconic hypercar was known for was the eye-watering of keeping one running – not including the near-million pound price tag.

A routine service for a Veyron was said to have cost around £14,000, while a set of tyres was over £20,000. That's not all though – every fourth tyre change, the wheel rims also needed replacing at a cost of nearly £30,000 for a set. Fuel economy wasn't great either, but Bugatti's new scheme unfortunately can't fix that...yet.

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