Have you ever wanted a ginormous pick-up truck that's far too big for UK roads? Well today's your lucky day. Now you can get Ford's ultra-successful F-150 on UK shores, and what's more, it's right-hand drive too.

Luxury car dealer Clive Sutton will order you an F-150 Raptor (that's the fast one if you didn't already know), and convert it to right-hand drive for you for the princely sum of £106,800. If you're a business buyer, that's £89,000 + VAT. The conversion alone costs £38,400 (£32,000 + VAT).

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Ford F-150 Raptor RHD - Clive Sutton (2)

The change is done by using precision-sculpted mouldings of interior components, before specialists use a range of techniques to perfectly mirror the dashboard appearance of the standard car. The whole thing took six months to develop which, as well as a recalibrated and redeveloped steering rack and appropriate dashboard, also includes Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system. The truck has been reprogrammed as part of the conversion with full European navigation and radio frequencies.

The 'Super Snake' Shelby variant of the F-150 is another weapon in Sutton's arsenal – last year the dealership became the official UK distributor for Shelby vehicles.

If you want a big American car for the UK but the F-150 Raptor is a bit too agricultural for your liking, worry not. Sutton is also developing a right-hand-drive conversion for the Lincoln Navigator SUV.

Until that becomes available though, you'll have to make do with a left-hand drive one that the car dealer currently has for the (not so) low price of £114,950. For that you get a Black Velvet exterior with Cappuccino Leather interior, wireless phone charging and a 20-speaker 1,200W sound system. Sutton can also get any model in the Navigator range, with prices ranging from £89,000 to £115,000.