Rear-engined iconic German sports car fans, prepare to be excited. New spy photos of the upcoming Porsche 911 are here. Unlike previous sets, which showed only fake spoilers, pretend exhaust tips, and no rear wing, the new images preview a prototype that’s even closer to the production version, fixed wing and all.

Up front, the spoiler gets new features like double LED daytime running lights. This is the first time we’ve seen them this clearly on any of the test mules. The wings are wider, but far from finished, and the same rounded headlights remain. The angle doesn’t give us a completely clear view of the front unfortunately, but we assume that some of the same styling treatments from the standard model carry over.

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Porsche 911 Turbo New Spy Photos
Porsche 911 Turbo New Spy Photos

At the back end of the car, there are plenty of new features to behold. A delightful fixed wing, as already mentioned, sits atop the LED light bar, and is pictured for the first time. Quad exhaust tips can also be seen, and look far more production-ready than some of the fitments pictured on some of the prototypes we've seen in action so far. The fancy alloy wheels also look like something we could see on a production model, but there’s still plenty of camouflage around the body to keep the final look of the car hidden.

Already we know that power for the new 911 Turbo will come courtesy of a six-cylinder twin-turbo boxer engine. Rumour has it that horsepower could be somewhere in the region of 600, besting the outgoing Turbo model by at least 60bhp, and the outgoing Turbo S by 20bhp. We might, but probably won't, even see a hybrid version of the famed sports car debut in 2018.

The new Porsche 911 will make its debut later in 2018. Alongside a new exterior design, the 911 will also gain features like a digital instrument cluster – which we've already caught a glimpse of during testing. The Geneva motor show in March is a reasonable candidate for a first look at the new car, but there's no official word from Porsche yet.

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