Lamborghini is known for doing things slightly differently, and it seems that doesn’t just apply to the Italian manufacturer’s cars.

Nope, the company has also launched some pretty outlandish accessories to coincide with the launch of its new Urus SUV.

But we aren’t talking about T-shirts and branded beach towels that get flogged as Christmas presents in the dealership for £30 a pop. Instead, the company has paired up with Enzo Bonafe, Hettabretz and Tecknomonster to produce high-luxury clothing and luggage.

For example, Hettabretz has developed a ‘customisable’ suede jacket that claims to be ‘inspired’ by the Urus. With hexagonal stitching similar to that of an Urus’ seats and the Italian flag stitched into the lining, we can sort of see where they’re coming from…

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Lamborghini Collezione Urus

Enzo Bonafe, meanwhile, has created some oh-so-Italian suede moccasins designed to complement the new SUV. There are two styles available, each with a choice of three colours.

If you want to carry your coat and shoes, though, Lamborghini wants to point you towards its Tecknomonster luggage, which has been designed specifically to fit in the boot of the Urus. Two collections are offered, with four items of luggage in each.

But don’t go thinking you can just nip into your local Lambo garage to get your hands on these accessories on your way home from work – Lamborghini has created a special ‘environment’ in which customers must choose and customise the ‘collections’. And it’s in Italy.

Specifically, the Collezione Ad Personam showroom is in the company’s Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters, and only customers with a prior appointment will be allowed in.

Once inside, the client will find themselves in a world of Riva 1920 furniture and surrounded by representatives from the three partner companies, who will assist them with personalising their products.

Oh, and if you want the jacket, you’ll have to be fast. They’re only going to make 30.

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