Skoda launches new SUV with life-size cardboard replica.

Skoda has launched a new variation of its Karoq SUV... but it's made of cardboard. Yes, the Kid Karoq is made entirely from cardboard. You'll be pleased to know it's a one-off, and there are no plans to put it into production. Good news really, imagine a cardboard car on our roads with the weather we have.

So why on earth has one of the most sensible manufacturers out there done one of the oddest things a car company has done in the last decade? Well, it's doing it for the kids: 'The handmade Kid Karoq has been designed as the perfect play area for those who aren’t quite old enough to enjoy the many grown-up toys available in the brand’s all-new compact SUV,' said Skoda in its press release. The Czech company even surveyed a bunch of children when putting the car(dboard) together, and added in all the features they said they'd put in their ideal car.

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Skoda Kid Karoq

The children surveyed said they'd want the ability to play music of their choice (42.5 percent of those questioned), a tablet to play and stream programmes on (67.6 percent), and an integrated movie projector (35.4 percent). For good measure, Skoda also added in wifi, a portable games console installed in the dash display, a digital tablet that controls a set of wireless Canton speakers, and instead of ambient LED lighting found in the real Karoq, there's a multi-coloured disco ball – why that's not an option on the real thing, we don't know.

To top it all off there's a secret den where an engine would be, and a slide and ball pool containing over 1,500 balls – the precise number of balls that fit into the real Karoq’s 1,810-litre boot space, or so Skoda say – we can't say we've tried ourselves.

The 1:1 scale replica took British design studio Lazerian 10 weeks and more than 600 hours to put together, and was produced to celebrate the launch of the Karoq, Skoda's second production SUV, which goes on sale later this week starting from £20,875 on the road.

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