Mini has become known for its many different options for buyers to personalise their cars, but this idea is set to reach a whole new level as the company has announced plans to offer uniquely personalised 3D-printed parts on its new cars. 

The BMW-owned British car manufacturer has started the ‘Mini Yours Customised’ service, which offers an online portal where buyers can choose from pre-selected icons and add text of their own to a number of different parts on the car, including the indicator-repeater housing, the door sill and interior dashboard.

Buyers can get their own signature laser-printed on the door sill, and can even come up with a unique design for the wing mirror-mounted LED floor projectors. 

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Mini Yours Customised range

Some parts have been designed for fitting by the owner, others will need a visit to a Mini dealer before they can be fitted properly. Either way, Mini says it can deliver the personalised car parts within a matter of weeks after they have been ordered. 

The parts will be manufactured and personalised at a BMW facility in Germany that has been specially equipped with the latest industrial 3D printers and laser-etching technology courtesy of a partnership with Hewlett-Packard, Eos and Carbon. 

Mini says that door sills and indicator panels can all be individually customised, meaning that driver and passengers can have their names on the outside or interior of the car. Of course, this could cause some difficulties come resale time, but the customised panels can probably be gently removed with a crowbar or similar. 

The new service is initially available on the 3- and 5-door Mini Hatch, the Convertible and Clubman models, with different parts available for each.

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