We recently had a look at Apollo’s new Intensa Emozione hypercar at the launch in Italy and we were excited by what we saw. Obviously the next step is getting a go behind the wheel and it seems that’s one step closer to happening with the company running prototypes of the IE on the road. 

We’ve seen this brief 13-second spy footage from Hong Kong, which shows the IE lighting up its tyres around the tightly packed streets of the Chinese-run territory. It seems the Intensa Emozione is in town for its Asia reveal, and the newest video makes this the first time that the exciting car has been seen on the road. It comes complete with slightly dodgy-looking stuck-on number plate and everything.

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For those F1 fans lamenting the lack of noise from the current generation of motors to be found in the top tier of racing cars, the howl from the V12 in the Apollo is something to behold – no doubt many on the streets of Hong Kong were poking their heads out to see what was shaking their windows. 

To recap on the newest hypercar from Italy, the IE produces 780bhp and 560lb ft and will get itself to 62mph from rest in just 2.7 seconds and up to 207mph. Thanks to extensive use of carbonfibre in the body and chassis, the IE weighs in at just 1,250kg with a 45:55 front/rear weight distribution.

Only 10 Apollo IEs will ever be built, each costing at least £2m – but buying one does grant you access to some cool stuff. Owners are able to compete in a track-based Apollo Time Attack series, assist in the development of the IE itself, and get first dibs on upcoming Apollo products, like the next project to come from the Italian sports car manufacturer, the Arrow, in 2019.

In the meantime, enjoy the brief but glorious footage of the IE on the move in Hong Kong.

Gallery: 2018 Apollo Intensa Emozione hypercar