The new BMW M5 isn’t even properly out yet as customer deliveries haven’t quite started, but even so we already know a Competition Package version of the hot saloon will be out sometime next year.

Not only that, but apparently the folks from Bavaria are already planning to further spice up the high-performance car by giving it a hybrid powertrain.

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Details are scarce at the moment, though's US team has come across details about the partially electrified M5 from sources close to BMW that a hybrid car is on the way. It remains to be seen whether the performance car will be of the plug-in hybrid type or a bog-standard hybrid that wrings as much efficiency as it can out of the powertrain. Of course, mild hybrid setups are beginning to find their way inside more and more premium cars.

In related news, plans for a hardcore M2 CSL have been scrapped, with the team responsible for the project being asked by high-ranked officials at the Munich-based car manufacturer to work on something else. The good news is the M2 Competition is still on track for a launch next year and is set to be launched in June when it will replace the standard M2. In addition, an M2 CS might happen further down the line, but nothing is certain at this point.

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The interesting report comes only a few days after learning about BMW’s objective to roll out 26 new or updated M cars by the end of 2020. There are going to be no less than 11 fully fledged M models, including new arrivals such as the X3 M, X4 M and the M8. The other 15 will be members of the M Performance portfolio, which is set to expand with the X2 and X7, among other models.

As you may recall, one of the all-new M cars was spotted recently by our spies, who managed to catch the next-generation M3 on camera for the very first time.

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