Mitsubishi has just delivered its first car to a customer who ordered online using its new internet service. 

Antony Deane put in the request for his Mitsubishi ASX 3 just three weeks ago, doing so on his phone while on a coffee break at work. What's more, it's the first brand-new car he's ever bought. The whole process took less than 20 minutes, with Deane following the new buying portal on Mitsubishi's website.

The 43-year-old, who traded his old car in as part of the transaction, collected his car from Grosvenor Garage Mitsubishi in Tunbridge Wells, but the Mitsubishi Buy Online service also offers home delivery.

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'I knew I wanted the Mitsubishi ASX and when I saw that I could actually buy it through the website, I decided to save time and go via Mitsubishi Buy Online,' said the father of four from Crawley. 'It did feel a little strange at first, as one minute I was having a coffee and the next I was buying a car on my phone, but it was all very straightforward and really well explained.'

'It's a very big thing for me, it’s the first new car I’ve bought in 25 years of driving and the whole experience was brilliant throughout,' he added. 'Other than uploading some documentation, I completed everything on my phone and if I had a question, the Mitsubishi Buy Online team were a fantastic help. The experience has been so enjoyable that there’s a good chance we’ll use Mitsubishi Buy Online when we replace my partner’s car in the near future.'

Lance Bradley, Mitsubishi's UK managing director, said: 'We’re delighted that the first Mitsubishi Buy Online customer has taken delivery of his new car. Mr Deane’s decision to use our new online buying facility and his experience throughout his purchase epitomise why we invested in Mitsubishi Buy Online. An ever-increasing amount of car buyers are considering purchasing their next new vehicle online and giving our customers the option to do this is essential.'

Mitsubishi Buy Online was developed in conjunction with leading online vehicle retail specialist, Rockar, and allows customers to access the Mitsubishi showroom from anywhere. All current Mitsubishi models are available as part of the innovative scheme, as are all options and deals normally found at dealerships across the country.