The all-new, all-electric London taxi will soon be on the streets of the capital with it now being certified to carry fair-paying passengers.

The LEVC (London EV Company)’s all-new electric TX taxi is the world’s cleanest, most advanced taxi ever, and can carry passengers in incredible comfort with technology at their fingertips thanks to power sockets for laptops and phone chargers, on-board wifi, and contactless card machines.

There's also an expansive panoramic roof, wide opening rear hinged doors and a more spacious cabin which gives the car class-leading wheelchair accessibility; and unrivaled ride comfort thanks to air conditioning and a spacious six seat cabin. The taxi also has a whole host of safety features, including forward collision warnings, autonomous emergency breaking and emergency brake assistance, while the car's construction consists of an extremely strong, rigid aluminium body shell with crash protection to the highest international standards.

LEVC electric taxi trials
LEVC electric taxi trials

"These new electric taxis are at the forefront of green transport technology and will play a transformational role in the Mayor’s plan to phase out diesel and clean up the transport network. This will help to accelerate improvements to London's toxic air," said Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy. "It’s great to have the first electric taxis on London’s streets and a testament to London’s leadership and that of LEVC. I look forward to seeing many more taxis on London's street in the coming months".

The TX Taxi is being built in a purpose-built factory in Coventry, with order books now open. It can be purchased outright for £55,599, but businesses can lease the car for £177 a week on a five-year deal.

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