Lamborghini might only just be getting round to jumping on to the SUV bandwagon with the admittedly rather delightful Urus, but it’s not really the first off-roader that the company has ever put out on sale.

That honour went to the equally delightful and rather eccentric LM002 model of the 1980s, which shows what a Hummer could do after a crash diet and a bit of expert plastic surgery.

The LM002 went on sale between 1986 and 1993 – it was the first Lamborghini off-roader that went on sale to the public, but the company had already created its Cheetah model for the US military and attempted to develop what we would know today as an SUV model with its LM001. Unfortunately, that rear-engined car was found to drive so badly that the project was canned after only one prototype was built.

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