Or you could just plug it in now and it will definitely be charged by then.

Honda reckons it can get ultra-fast charging electric vehicles on sale by 2022. The company is developing new battery technology that it says can be topped up to 150 miles in just 15 minutes.

The Japanese car maker has ambitious plans to introduce a whole new range of electric vehicles within the next five years, and as part of its new EV platform that was shown at the Frankfurt and Tokyo motor shows underpinning its electric concept cars, Honda will include the ultra-fast charging capability.

Honda Sports EV concept

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Honda currently builds batteries in conjunction with Panasonic, but the company has plans to split with Panasonic and go it (almost) alone to develop its own high-capacity batteries. Honda will search out a partner for the project, but clearly wants to have a stronger influence on the direction of development.

The newly developed batteries will be capable of handling ultra-quick charging, and will be complemented by an efficient power control system and a lighter vehicle body to ensure they can complete extended ranges. By 2022, when the quick charging vehicles are expected to hit the market, Europe will have a number of high capacity 350kW chargers. Japan is also looking to follow suit, upgrading the country's current network of 150kW fast chargers to the same 350kW limit.

Honda's first all-electric car will go on sale in Europe in 2019, with Japanese sale commencing a year later – it will be a development of the Honda Urban EV Concept car that was for many the star of this year's Frankfurt motor show, blending a mix of futuristic styling and retro touches. An electric sports car based on the Sport EV Concept from Tokyo will also be introduced. 

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