But you can only access the 10p per litre saving if you save £50 in-store.

Morrisons has slashed fuel prices by 10p per litre as part of its week-long Black Friday sales.

Customers who spend £50 or more in a Morrisons store before Sunday, November 26 will receive a voucher for the discount, which must be redeemed at a Morrisons filling station by December 3. The saving applies to both petrol and diesel, and would reduce the cost of filling a typical 50-litre tank by £5.

Morrisons says the offer will ease the financial pressure on consumers by mitigating a predicted rise in the cost of fuel as they begin their Christmas shopping. Economists are predicting that the 30 percent increase in the price of oil seen earlier this year will soon be passed on to consumers, with one bank suggesting that prices could rise by as much as 8p per litre.

At the end of October, average fuel prices stood at 118.17p per litre for petrol and 120.8p per litre for diesel, which has been steadily increasing in price since July. However, RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said that the rise in wholesale fuel prices would ‘inevitably be passed on to motorists on the forecourt in November’.

Morrisons had suggested that the ‘budget-busting’ offer would also protect motorists against the increase in fuel duty that was expected in Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Budget, although such a tax hike never materialised. Steve Mosey, Morrisons’ services director, said: ‘Motorists could face rising petrol prices and a busy Christmas shopping season, so we’re doing what we can to help them afford to run their cars.’

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