The company's calling it an 'adventure concept'.

Toyota has teased us with an all-new concept the company is set to unveil later this month at the Los Angeles motor show.

The FT-AC concept is being billed by the Japanese car maker as an 'adventure concept', and from what we can see from the single picture Toyota has shown us so far, it looks like a bit of a brute. The image is lit up by the car's LED headlights, daytime running lights, and additional lights on the top of the windscreen, and shows the FT-AC's flared wheel arches and toughened up bumpers that are reinforced with what looks like rugged plastics.

It's the second off-road FT concept to emerge this year after the covers were taken off the FT-4X concept at the New York motor show in March (below). We reckon the AC will be a bit bigger than the 4X, which ended up being a bit of a soft-roader rather that the brute we'd been teased beforehand. This time, we expect no such disappointment. The AC will likely look similar to the 4X, but will probably be bigger all round.

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Once the FT-AC is unveiled, could we expect it to be made available for customers? Who knows, but the FT-1 concept of 2014 is expected to make its way into showrooms in the form of the new Supra, so we could potentially see the FT-AC in one form or another somewhere down the line. It's certainly promising a different look to some of the Toyota concepts that we've seen of late, so perhaps there's a bit of excitement to be had there.

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