This morning we woke up to news of the next-generation Tesla Roadster. The new car has been anticipated for quite some time, but what was revealed was something none of us expected.

For a start, its unveiling came at the same time as the Californian company’s new truck – in fact it appeared out of the back of the trailer unit accompanied by a the sort of clouds of smoke you'd associate with something running a diesel engine – but the performance figures were the real shocker. A proposed range of 620 miles, 7,376lb ft of torque and a top speed in excess of 250mph. Oh, and a 0-60 time of 1.9 seconds.

It’s that last figure that really stands out. It’s a number we’ve seen before, but not exactly on a road car. It’s quick...but how quick? We've taken a look at the five closest cars to the Tesla Roadster in terms of acceleration.

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