It’s t-minus five days until Aston Martin gives us the full rundown on its new Vantage, which means it’s time for another teaser to keep us hooked.

This time round the worm on the hook comes in the form of a Facebook video showing the familiar yellow-wrapped, Pirelli-stamped car executing some opposite-lock action in slow motion. With only nine seconds of screen time, this clip truly lives up to the definition of a teaser.


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With the eye candy out of the way, let’s recap what we expect to see when the big day finally arrives. The new Vantage borrows many styling cues from the special one-off DB10 Aston Martin built for fictional superspy James Bond in the movie Spectre. It’s got the slim teardrop headlights, slim taillights and enough sex appeal in its curvaceous body lines to warrant a 12A certificate from the BBFC. Or something.

Under the bonnet it has a V8 – but not from Aston Martin – this British beast gets a German powerplant. The 4-litre twin-turbo unit has come from Mercedes-AMG, and while we don’t know the exact power rating, we expect it will be somewhere around 500bhp.

Transmission-wise we're expecting a twin-clutch automatic and manual transmission to be offered with the car, but details are still light ahead of the official reveal. We do know that the car will drive via the rear wheels and that – and this is a completely wild guess here – it will be shod with Pirelli rubber. We also know it sounds every bit as good as it looks, thanks to this spy video captured just a few days ago at the Nürburgring.


It’s a bit smaller than the previous Vantage, and with an abundance of aluminium throughout the car, it should be lighter as well. That means it’ll be faster, with 0-60 times of around four seconds a strong possibility. All will be revealed next Tuesday. You can bet we’ll be watching.


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