To celebrate 70 years of Ferrari, F1 Racing asked its readers and the online forum of FerrariChat to vote for the greatest Ferrari driver of all-time.

To narrow the criteria, the voting was limited to the 38 drivers who have won a world championship grand prix for Ferrari since 1950 and the results have been unveiled in this month’s edition of F1 Racing, that went on sale in the UK on 16 November. Thousands of fans took part in the online poll and Schumacher was so popular that he registered over 50 percent of the entire vote from the global fanbase.

Kimi Raikkonen and Gilles Villeneuve made up the rest of the podium, and are notable as two drivers who have captured the imagination of fans.

Of the other Formula 1 drivers still racing, double champion Fernando Alonso was rated at sixth in the list, while current Ferrari racer and four-time champion Sebastian Vettel came in 10th place and Felipe Massa was ranked in 12th. Of course, Raikkonen is the only driver currently competing in F1 who has actually won a title with Ferrari. 

'We thought it was appropriate to remember some of the greats who have raced in Formula 1 for the Prancing Horse over the decades,' said F1 Racing associate editor James Roberts. 'This forms one of key features in a series of articles celebrating 70 years of Ferrari in the latest issue.'

Also included in F1 Racing's December issue is a feature on a significant Ferrari F1 car from the past six decades and the first in a new six-part series on the history of the Scuderia.

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Ferrari greatest driver vote top 10:

1. Michael Schumacher - 50.1%
2. Kimi Raikkonen - 12.4%
3. Gilles Villeneuve - 10.3%
4. Juan Manuel Fangio - 5.6%
5. Niki Lauda - 5.4%
6. Fernando Alonso - 5.3%
7. Nigel Mansell - 1.6%
8. Alain Prost - 1.4%
9. Alberto Ascari - 1.4%
10. Sebastian Vettel - 1.3%

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