We've seen the amazing new Apollo IE hypercar at its launch in Italy last month, but today is the first time that we've managed to catch a glimpse of the incredible Italian machine actually on the move. The team behind the Intensa Emozione are out testing the car at a race track in Cremona, Italy – a stone's throw (if you're Superman) along from Modena in northern Italy, the home of Ferrari. 

The IE is a new car that aims to rekindle the good old days by focusing on low weight and a powerful naturally aspirated engine. The IE tips the scales at 1,250kg and its 6.3-litre V12 engine produces 780bhp and 560lb ft. Under full power the car will get itself to 62mph from rest in just 2.7 seconds and then onwards to a top speed of 207mph.

Video from Cremona shows the new hypercar testing under a light throttle at speeds below 4,000rpm – despite the fact that the Apollo team is taking it easy as it finds out what the new car is like to drive, it already sounds incredible. Is it possible that the new Apollo sounds better below 4,000rpm than the current crop of weedy F1 cars? We'd like to think so, or our tinny speakers could be deceiving us. 

Unlike the current F1 engine formula, which uses fancy hybrid technology in a vain bid to try and 'save the planet', the Apollo Intensa Emozione is going for a much more driver-focused experience, and the team will be using its current round of testing not just to make sure that the mechanicals all work as planned, but also to tweak the controls and other bits and pieces to ensure that the driver feels engaging and in touch with the car at all times.

Check out the video and gallery of the Apollo IE testing at the Cremona Circuit in Italy at the bottom, as well as catching up with all the details from the car's launch via the links below. 

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