Monkey see, monkey do.

We’ve all been there. The car is playing up again, but you don’t want to hand over a boat-load of cash to your mechanic. If you’re a bit handy with a spanner then the first stop is usually a Haynes manual. But the new on-demand service from Haynes can now go one better and actually show you what steps to take.

The wealth of information in the manuals is invaluable, but sometimes leafing through the pages doesn’t provide the clearest picture of how to do a fiddly job. This new on-demand video service features over 1,500 HD videos to guide you through the repair. Over 100 makes and models are available with an array of jobs demonstrated for each.

Car maintenance
Car maintenance

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Haynes wants to dispel the myth that you can’t do any work yourself on a modern car. Doing simple tasks yourself could save you hundreds of pounds in labour at the dealership, especially when your car is out of warranty. Changing the spark plugs yourself could save you up to £100, or for the more adventurous, a starter motor that might cost you £250 at a workshop.

Access to videos on a particular make and model costs £9.99 and gives you access to all of the material available for a year. However, if you just need to do one job and don’t require instructions on every nut and bolt, you can pay £2.99 for just one task instead.

Haynes is providing a handful of free videos on basic servicing – things like checking fluid levels and tyre pressures are important, so guidance on weekly checks won’t cost you a penny.

The HD videos can be viewed on phones and tablets, allowing you to take the instructions into the garage with you.

Still stuck in the 20th century? Each video also comes with a set of written instructions and colour images. If that still seems like witchcraft, you can always buy the manual in book form just like your father and his father before him.

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