Porsche is developing a modern anti-theft tracking system for all its classic models in a bid to provide owners with extra assurance.

The Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System, which the German manufacturer describes as a ‘comprehensive anti-theft protection system’, is a concealed sensor system that activates the alarm and alerts the owner and Porsche. If the owner confirms that the vehicle is being stolen, the relevant authorities will also be informed.

‘In future, the new Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System will allow us to offer our customers anti-theft functionality that will trigger an alarm if someone tries to steal the vehicle. In an ideal scenario, this intervention will stop the vehicle from disappearing right from the outset,’ said Alexander Fabig, the head of Porsche Classic.

With on-board GPS, the system, which will be available next year, can track the car’s location or driving route, making it easier for police to find. It can also immobilise the engine, preventing it from being restarted.

As well as providing anti-theft capabilities, the app can be used to track a vehicle when it is in the hands of another driver - such as when a prospective buyer is on a test drive. The system allows the driver to erect a ‘geofence’ which will raise an alarm when predetermined boundaries are crossed.

It also has a ‘transport’ mode, preventing the alarm from being activated if the vehicle has to travel on a trailer.

The system will be available for owners of any classic Porsche, from the 356 to the Carrera GT.

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