Scrappage schemes are all the rage nowadays and now the world of commercial vehicles is getting in on the act. The commercial vehicles division of Mercedes-Benz has launched a scrappage and swappage programme in the UK, which will allow van owners to swap their old workhorses for new models.

Sales figures are dropping across the board, and criticism of diesel vehicles following the Dieselgate scandal has been putting off buyers across Europe. As a result, van owners can trade in older vehicles that meet Euro 1 to Euro 3 emissions standards to get a deposit contribution of between £1,000 and £5,600, depending on the model, from Mercedes for both retail and small fleets of up to 24 Euro 4 to Euro 5 vans. Customers can also increase the amount of their deposit and go for a Euro 6 van.

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Steve Bridge, managing director at Mercedes-Benz Vans UK, said: 'I’m not surprised that most of the headline-grabbing scrappage schemes available to motorists have been received with a degree of scepticism by the media and the general public – it isn’t always financially viable for someone to come out of an aged vehicle straight in to a new van.

'This is why we have explored all our options in terms of genuinely supporting customers to be in cleaner, newer models as this doesn’t always mean a new van – we’ve been offering Euro 6 on some models since 2015. To offer a scrappage and swappage programme supports our commitment to having the safest and cleanest vans on the road and underpins our pledge to keep Britain’s businesses moving.'

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