Ferrari has christened 48 official dealers as 'Ferrari Classiche Authorised Workshops' – or 'Officina' (Italian for workshop), authorising them to implement the Ferrari Classiche certification when maintaining Ferraris older than 20 years.

Each of the Ferrari Classiche Officina, which are spread across 20 different countries, will have the direct support of the Ferrari Classiche department in Maranello. Every location must set aside space and a dedicated workshop ramp exclusively for Ferrari Classiche maintenance, repair and certification applications. They must also have a suitably-qualified and trained Ferrari Classiche service technician on hand.

Ferrari Classiche Officina

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A Ferrari Classiche Officina offers a factory-approved maintainence programme for all Ferraris sold at least two decades ago, ensuring they keep their heritage, provenance and value. That's quite a valuable dealer stamp to have in your logbook.

Despite the new scheme, any work that requires major structural repairs or the fabrication of new parts (because in many cases the parts simply don't exist anymore and have to be made from scratch) will still be carried out in Maranello at the Ferrari factory.

Ferrari says that as the scheme becomes established, more dealers in more markets will be added to the programme in the future. The following Ferrari dealers in the UK have been nominated as Ferrari Classiche Authorised Workshops:

  • Dick Lovett, Swindon
  • Graypaul, Nottingham
  • HR Owen, London
  • JCT600, Leeds
  • Joe Macari, Wandsworth
  • Lancaster, Colchester
  • Maranello Service, Egham
  • Meridien Modena, Lyndhurst
  • Stratstone, Manchester

Ferrari's Classiche division was set up back in 2006, and as well as providing official support for owners of classic Ferraris, it also issues certificates of authenticity for cars that have been maintained to the high standards of the Italian supercar maker and have confirmed histories going back to when they first rolled out of the gates at Maranello.

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