Ferrari has launched its hardcore new FXX-K EVO car at Mugello’s Finali Mondiali event at Mugello as part of its 70th anniversary celebrations.

The FXX-K EVO’s crazy headline numbers are 847bhp at 9,200rpm from a V12 engine that is complemented by an electric motor producing 187bhp for an incredible 1,034bhp combined figure.

The FXX-K EVO is available as an 'extremely limited-run model' and as an upgrade package for customers with existing XX cars. The exclusive programme sees potential owners buying the cars, but Ferrari keeping them at its headquarters in Fiorano, northern Italy, and shipping the cars to tracks with a team of mechanics when you want to have a drive. The Italian manufacturer also runs a limited race series for the cars. 

Ferrari has used its Formula 1 team and GT racing experience to help optimise the improvements in aerodynamics that has allowed it to improve its downforce by 23 percent, helped by introducing a twin-profile rear wing, new vortex generators and various improvements to aerodynamic flow.

Ferrari FXX K Evo

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Ferrari highlights its F1 experience in helping to lower the car’s overall weight over the previous FXX K model, despite adding new components such as the rear wing. It has not revealed the specific weight, however. Further Formula 1 know-how appears in the cabin, with F1-derived gear-shift paddles found on the all-new steering wheel.

The Italian manufacturer says its push to maximise its aerodynamic performance has meant it needs new front brake air intakes after a complete re-design, and that the suspension – a double wishbone setup at the front and multilink at the rear – has had to be specifically calibrated to cope with the aero changes.

Ferrari adds that the FXX-K EVO has undertaken 3,000 miles of development runs and nearly 10,000 miles of reliability test drives. It adds that the FXX-K EVO will be 'very active' in the XX Programme in the 2018/2019 season, with nine track outings in all between the start of March and the end of October.

Like all previous XX cars, it is not road legal and cannot be used in competition outside of the XX programme. Want to get your hands on one? It'll cost you just over £2m and you'd better hurry, only 40 of hardcore flagship model are being built.

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