Fingers crossed, there's a tiny chance that Volkswagen could actually make it.

Back in December 2016, several months before unveiling its new flagship model at the 2017 Geneva motor show, Volkswagen briefly talked about the prospects of doing an Arteon estate. At the time, the officials mentioned it would only happen if the regular five-door model proved to be a success.

Since the model was only launched on the market just a few months ago, it’s still too early to know whether a decision has been made regarding the fate of a more practical Arteon.

Rather than calling the car an estate, VW’s head of full-size product lines, Elmar-Marius Licharz, referred to the potential long-roofed Arteon as being a 'shooting brake'. We highly doubt it will be a shooting brake in the truest sense of the term as that would imply only two doors. Much like Mercedes has the CLA Shooting Brake with rear doors, the potential Arteon Shooting Brake will also have them.

VW Arteon wagon render
2018 VW Arteon

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The use of the more fancy term likely has to do with the fact the body would have a more curvaceous shape with a sloped roofline rather than the boxy appearance of the heavily related (and more mundane) Passat estate.

Licharz went on to specify such a derivative for the Arteon 'is absolutely the sort of car that could work' and that 'plans are underway but it’s not yet final' as the car needs a solid business case.

Another big maybe in the Arteon’s future is the availability of a newly developed six-cylinder turbo petrol engine – prototypes are already being tested with the larger unit. To further spice up the Arteon’s range, sources close to VW are indicating a performance-oriented R version is being considered too. Fingers crossed on both hands then.

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