Expect to see it early in next year.

We like a bit of variety – more is always better, because not only does it give customers more options to choose from, but it also pushes car makers to work harder and come up with better products to get a bigger piece of the pie.

Vauxhall recently brought back to life its GSi badge for a sporty version of the new Insignia and it will order additional badges next year when the Astra GSi is going to be introduced to the market.

It has already been caught by the spy camera with barely any camouflage, leaving very little to the imagination. Based on the images depicting a near-production prototype, our Motor1.com colleagues over in Italy decided to render the Astra GSi with a full array of sporty bits – squint your eyes a bit and imagine the Opel badge has a little growling griffin on it instead. 

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One way to describe the styling of Vauxhall's second GSi model is by saying it looks like a slightly more aggressive version of the regular Astra fitted with the VX-Line styling pack that launched a little over a year ago. While that one doesn’t have any mechanical upgrades as it’s all about design tweaks, the GSi will feature bigger wheels and brakes, grippy tires and a stiffer suspension setup lowering the ride height.

The engine choice remains somewhat of a mystery as although some reports are indicating the Astra GSi will have as much as 300bhp, that kind of power is usually reserved for a meaner VXR model. This would make sense taking into account the Insignia GSi doesn’t actually have more power than a regular high end Insignia Grand Sport as it features upgrades in other areas.

We will know what’s what in several months from now as Vauxhall is expected to introduce the Astra GSi in March 2018 at the Geneva motor show. We might even get to see it earlier than then, should images be revealed via the medium of world wide web early...

Gallery: 2018 Vauxhall Astra GSi render