Forget your airport transfer bus, this is what we've got to look forward to with driverless cars.

Coach journeys are among the worst experiences anyone can have on the road. Long hours, boredom and a bunch of complete strangers surrounding you conspire to make the experience less-than-ideal.

Until now...

Bosch has come up with new technology that will not only revolutionise the coach journey, but we think it gives a preview of what will make Level 5 driverless car technology something to look forward to. 

The German electronics giant has developed what it calls its new 'coach smartinfotainment series', which it describes as 'taking in-coach comfort to the next level'.

Features of the new entertainment system include DAB radio, digital TV tuning, DVD player input and the usual array of aux and USB plugs for your choice of entertainment. Not only that, but the driver and passenger areas can enjoy different things at the same time, whether it's different types of music or for one end of the coach to watch a film while the driver listens out eagerly for traffic updates on Radio 5 Live. 

Four antennas on the coach ensure good quality for the high-definition television setup, as well as accessing the best signal for passengers to enjoy the wifi internet access. A fancy microphone system has two wired mics installed for the driver and tour guide, while a wireless unit allows whoever is talking to wander up and down the coach at will. Exciting stuff!

Bosch also details some information about using technology to save fuel and that, but this is less interesting. 

Now it's one thing for us to examine all of the complex technology that is being developed for autonomous cars – recognising pedestrians, road signs, ensuring that the car doesn't drive into a wall, that sort of thing – but imagine the world of possibilities that opens up once the tech becomes widespread on the roads... This Bosch smartinfotainment business has exciting potential...

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