Honda has taken the covers off a family of small mobility concepts that are unlike anything ever seen before.

Alongside the Japanese manufacturer's show-stealing Sports EV and Urban EV concepts, these five futuristic vehicles are a huge departure from the reliable and dependable people-movers Honda is known for. You think the dashboard on your Civic is a bit quirky? You ain't seen nothing yet.

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Honda RoboCas Concept

The compact Honda RoboCas Concept is a small electric vehicle that allows different types of carrying space with a canopy. Honda says this golf-cart lookalike was 'created to make people’s dreams and ideas come true'. Right... a regular X Factor on wheels right there. It could be a drinks cabinet, poolside valet or pavement sausage stand.

Honda Ie-Mobi Concept

Honda Ie-Mobi Concept

(pronounced: ee-a mo-bee – 'le' is a Japanese word for 'home')

Honda's Ie-Mobi Concept looks a bit like the RoboCas, but bigger – it's got the cute face and everything, clearly a new Honda theme.

It can supply electricity from the car to the home and vice-versa. It can also be used as an entire room measuring just short of five metres square. This seems more like a Top Gear creation than a readily available road car if you ask us...

Honda Fure Mobi Concept

Honda Fure-Mobi Concept

(pronounced: foo-ray mo-bee – 'Fure' comes from the Japanese word 'Fureai' which means interaction, contact or touch)

Honda Fure-Mobi is more of an electric wheelchair than a car. Developed under the theme of human-to-human interaction, the Fure-Mobi actually fits two people and is more at home on walkways and indoors rather than on the road itself. Honda hopes this concept will encourage people to venture outside together. Alternatively, jump in a car and go on a good old road trip.

Honda Chair-Mobi Concept

Honda Chair-Mobi Concept

Another wheelchair-like concoction, the Honda Chair-Mobi Concept can again be used indoors or outside. Its height adjustable seat maintains a level seat even while it is driven uphill or downhill, but unlike the Fure-Mobi, this one only seats a single occupant.


Honda Ai-Miimo Concept

Honda Ai-Miimo Concept

We've had a two-seater, a one-seat, now it's time for a Honda concept with no room for any passengers. The Honda Ai-Miimo Concept is an electric self-propelled robotic lawn mower, that has been developed further to encompass AI and communicates with its user to 'support them in their every day life'. Honda says it 'developed this model with the hope to create an existence which goes beyond the framework of a "product" but brings smiles and pleasant moments in people’s lives just like a pet or family member'.

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