If you were expecting the latest generation of the rally-bred Mitsubishi Evolution, look away now. The e-Evolution SUV Concept doesn't hark back to Evos of the past, but the brand’s future.

This SUV coupe previews Mitsubishi’s latest design language. Smooth surfaces are detailed with subtle creases along the cars length. Less subtle are the large intakes and roof rails that give it a more rugged look.

Inside, the cabin is a big departure from current Mitsubishis. A huge widescreen display that spans the width of the car totally dominates the interior. The central cluster of buttons looks like it’s straight from Star Trek, as does the steering wheel.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution SUV Concept

Three electric motors can power all four wheel and give the e-Evolution some real off-roading potential. Selectable drive modes helps the onboard computer make the most of what traction is available. Intelligent torque vectoring boosts the agility of this SUV when it rejoins the Tarmac.

The Mitsubishi e-Evolution SUV features an Artificial Intelligence system that can adapt the car for the current road conditions or to how the driver is behaving. It’s also capable of coach the driver to improve their talent behind the wheel. More sci-fi come sin the form of Level 4 autonomous technology. This lets the e-Evo drive by itself without intervention in most scenarios.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution SUV Concept
Mitsubishi e-Evolution SUV Concept

There’s no word on when a true Mitsubishi Evolution successor will arrive. The Eclipse nameplate now lives on an SUV, but it remains to be seen if the iconic Evo follows suit.

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