We loved Honda’s Urban EV Concept revealed at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. It was the right blend of nostalgia and modern design that really struck a chord with enthusiasts — quite the achievement for an electric city car. The Honda Sport EV Concept uses the same ingredients but in sports car form.

Continuing Honda’s move towards electrification, the low-slug Sport EV’s clean design and rounded headlights give it a retro vibe. The long bonnet and short overhangs are classic sports car traits that Honda are keen to preserve. Hunched wheel arches, broad shoulders and an elegant fastback make for a handsome thing.

Honda Sport EV Concept
Honda Sport EV Concept

Honda claim that the aim of the Sport EV is “to realise the joy of driving the user can feel with a sense of unity with the car”. For those who don’t speak marketing, they want it to be good to drive.

No comment has been made on its production potential, but it would make for an interesting Mazda MX-5 alternative. The Tesla Roadster was the first all-electric sports car, but at this point in time, the Sport EV would occupy its own niche.

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Not much is known about the inner workings of this concept, but we do know that it shares its platform with the Urban EV. Honda’s new electric vehicle architecture will spawn a family of vehicles kicking-off with a city car in 2020.

The Honda Urban EV Concept stole the show at Frankfurt, and the Sport EV looks to do the same in Tokyo.

Honda Urban EV Concept official image
Honda Sport EV Concept