Nissan has unveiled two new van concepts ahead of the upcoming Tokyo motor show – the Paramedic Concept and the all-electric e-NV200 Fridge Concept.

The new NV350 Caravan-based Paramedic Concept is Nissan's fifth-generation ambulance and builds on the success of previous versions of the Japan-only vehicle. The ambulance carries a lithium-ion auxiliary battery that supports life-saving medical equipment, uses Nissan's industry-leading Intelligent Around View monitor to help the driver and other technology to reduce the spread of germs.

Nissan plans to begin sales next year.

Nissan Van Concepts - Tokyo 2017

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Nissan will also launch the modified all-electric Nissan e-NV200 Fridge Concept, which is equipped with an additional battery pack in the cargo space to power a refrigeration unit.

'Our fifth-generation ambulance will offer enhanced features that will make a real difference to people's lives,' said Ashwani Gupta, senior VP of Renault-Nissan's van division. 'The new Paramedic Concept contains vital life-saving equipment to respond to emergencies, often in remote areas.

'Meanwhile, the e-NV200 Fridge Concept will create huge value for commercial users – generating more business, as well as reducing the cost of ownership. With zero emissions, it'll be perfect for busy urban environments where larger vehicles are often prohibited.'

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