Latest tech from Toshiba allows for ultra-rapid charging and a 200-mile range.

Toshiba’s new battery technology could help spark the electric revolution.

The stage is set for the dawn of the electric car. Major cities are clamping down on pollution, governments are primed to ban combustion engines in the near future and more manufacturers are offering electric models. So what’s stopping everyone? Simple. Owning an electric car is inconvenient.

BMW i3 National Park Charging Stations
2018 BMW i3s

Currently charging times are too long and people don’t have the confidence in how far an electric car can go before it silently comes to a halt. However, this new Toshiba tech could change all of that.

Using a new titanium niobium oxide anode material, the new battery has a greater energy density. That translates to a real-world range of 200 miles from a mere six minutes of charging from a newly developed rapid charger. Today a Tesla Model S will take around 30 minutes of charging from one of the company's exclusive superchargers to give you 170 miles.

Toshiba's head of R&D, Dr Osamu Hori, said: 'Rather than an incremental improvement, this is a game-changing advance that will make a significant difference to the range and performance of EV.'

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This new 50ah battery has been rigorously tested in cold conditions, something that affects battery performance. At 10°C the unit can still receive a full charge in less than 10 minutes.

What’s the lifespan of the new battery? Well, after 5,000 charges it still retains 90 percent of its capacity, so a pretty long time. Toshiba expects the battery to find its way into cars from 2019.