Government bans additional cars on the road from 2018.

From February 2018 no new cars will be added to Singapore’s roads in a bid to control congestion.

The world’s road networks are becoming more crowded by the day due to the sheer number of cars using them.

Your commute home is getting longer until the roads are improved, but for an island nation traffic jams are an even bigger problem. With nowhere to expand, countries such as Singapore are planning to take extreme measures.

Singapore is only slightly larger than Birmingham and so what space is available might be better used for infrastructure.

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When you buy a car in Singapore you also need a Certificate of Entitlement — think of it as a permit to own a car.

After you have paid the state a minimum of £23k you can enjoy your new pride and joy for 10 years. Currently the number of new cars allowed on the road is capped at a 0.25 percent increase each year. However, in 2018 that figure reduces to zero.

That means if you buy a shiny new motor you will need to take an older car off the road first.

The local government is set to invest over £15 billion on public transport to help keep its citizens mobile. Buses and goods vehicles have until 2012 to make operations more efficient before their fleets face the same fate.

Singapore is just the latest country to tighten restrictions on cars. London recently introduced the T-charge in a bid to improve air quality.