For the time being, you won’t be able to actually own the Polestar 1 since the hybrid two-door coupe will be offered exclusively with a subscription plan that has a fixed term: two or three years. It’s already available to order online, though deliveries will not kick off until the second half of 2019.

At the end of the contract, you’ll have to return the car or Polestar will be more than happy to pick it up. Then, the vehicle will be refurbished to be sold as a pre-owned model also through a subscription plan.

Things could change in the future as Polestar has hinted it might eventually decide to sell the car in the traditional sense of the word. If it will ever happen, the 600-horsepower machine will retail for anywhere from £115-135,000, according to the company’s global PR chief Duncan Forrester.

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Polestar’s COO, John Goodman, also pointed out the stylish coupe could be sold to customers: 'if someone wants to give us $100-x-thousand dollars, we'll find a way.'

There’s also the issue of limited availability as initially only 500 cars will be available per year. Polestar hasn’t made a decision about how these will be distributed, but chances are 300 will be sold in China, where the car is going to be produced at a new factory set to be inaugurated in Chengdu by mid-2018. Europe will receive 100 units while North America will get the remaining 100 examples. Sadly, there are no plans to engineer a right-hand-drive version .

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