The use of dashcam footage has increased a massive 285 percent since 2015, according to the latest figures. 

Research by support company Accident Exchange found that more people than ever before were using dashcams in their cars and post-accident claims were being settled more quickly as a result. 

Scott Hamilton-Cooper of Accident Exchange said: ‘It benefits everyone – motorists, accident management firms and insurers – to make the post-accident experience simple, stress-free and to limit unnecessary claims disputes.’

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Some car manufacturers have started offering integrated dashcams in new cars – Citroen being the most notable with its latest C3 supermini – and retail outlet Halfords will help install a new dashcam when it needs hardwiring into the car’s electrical system.

Natasha Chauhan, dashcam expert at Halfords, says that drivers feel reassured by having the technology fitted. ‘Fitting a dashcam to your car can help reduce the cost of your insurance premium and offer reassurance when it comes to disputes over liability in the event of an accident,’ she explained. ‘Motorists are now able to enjoy peace of mind by recording every car journey.’

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