Lamborghini will unveil its long-awaited Urus SUV on December 4, 25 years after the company’s first 4x4 ceased production.

The Italian brand has announced little about the newcomer, but a statement said: ‘The Urus will create a new Super SUV class of its own, with exceptional power and torque, distinctive design and a very significant presence. It assures exceptional road-going dynamics, performance and luxury.’

Lamborghini is also keen to draw parallels with its original 4x4 – the LM002. Built between 1986 and 1992, the V12-engined monster was the road-going result of a project to build a ‘high-performance off-road vehicle for military use’.

Despite its boxy shape, the LM002 could exceed 124mph thanks to its 5.2-litre V12, which was lifted directly from the Countach Quattrovole. It was also capable of impressive off-road feats, with four-wheel drive and three self-locking differentials allowing it to cope with gradients of more than 120 percent.


Gallery: Lamborghini LM002

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The Urus, Lamborghini claims, will also boast strong off-road ability, although whether it can match the LM002 remains to be seen.

‘Like the LM002, the Urus has exceptional capabilities on off-road terrains, including sand,’ the company said.

Whatever its 4x4 credentials, though, the Urus certainly won’t look like the LM002. Whereas that car’s etch-a-sketch lines were designed solely with function in mind, the Urus will have a much more recognisable Lamborghini shape.

Nurburgring spy shots show a low-slung roofline with the trademark angular Lamborghini nose and huge front air intakes, as well as pronounced and muscular rear haunches.

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