Toyota’s stand at the upcoming Tokyo motor show just became a more interesting visit, with the Japanese manufacturer revealing its new GR HV Sports concept, which will make its public debut at the event.

A two-seater performance car with a front-mounted engine driving the rear wheels, the targa-roofed model takes after the almost-Le-Mans-winning TS050 Hybrid race car when it comes to the design.

The most obvious connection between the two is at the front where the concept has rather unusual headlights with stacks of LED clusters: two horizontal units sitting on top of three vertical ones, just like they do on the LMP1 endurance racer.

Toyota GR HV Sports concept
Toyota GR HV Sports concept

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Even the design of the alloy wheels is derived from the race car and Toyota says the spoiler at the back is inspired by the TS050 Hybrid as well.


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Looking at the side profile of the car, it seems the concept is largely based on the existing 86, but with redesigned front and rear fascias as well as a targa configuration instead of the regular fixed metal roof.

On a side note, Toyota also explored the idea of a convertible 86 a few years ago when it unveiled the FT-86 concept, but that never made it to the assembly line.

Featuring a menacing matte black appearance, the new concept has hood vents to cool down the combustion engine part of a hybrid powertrain developed using knowledge gained while engineering the TS050.

The engineers have installed the battery pack near the centre of the vehicle for better weight distribution to boost handling and make the car more fun to drive.

Toyota GR HV Sports concept

To fire up the car, the driver has to use the push-button ignition switch located on the gearstick. The car comes with an automatic transmission, but drivers do also have the chance to select a manual-style six-speed mode with an H-pattern. If they really wanted to. 

Toyota will have the GR HV Sports concept on display at the Tokyo motor show from 25 October.

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Toyota to Unveil GR HV SPORTS concept at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Presenting a new way of enjoying cars

Toyota City, Japan, October 6, 2017―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) is set to unveil the GR HV SPORTS concept car at its worldwide premiere at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017*, taking place from October 25 through November 5 at Tokyo Big Sight. The GR HV SPORTS concept represents a new way to enjoy cars by integrating the thrill of a sports car with the environmental friendliness of an eco-car.

Main Features
  • The design is reminiscent of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing's TS050 Hybrid racing car that competes in the World Endurance Championship (WEC).
  • Features a targa top that was also used for Toyota's legendary convertible sports cars, the Toyota Sports 800 (a.k.a. Yotahachi) and the Supra
  • Powered by THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System-Racing) that is infused with hybrid technology refined by the TS050 Hybrid
  • While completely embodying functionality as a genuine sports car, the GR HV SPORTS concept features LED headlights, aluminum wheels, and a rear diffuser similar to the TS050 Hybrid. The design evokes Toyota's bond with motor sports.
  • The matte black body color expresses power and aggressiveness.
  • A selection switch to choose the automatic gear position is located in the center cluster to achieve a racing car-like ambience.
  • The push button ignition switch is playfully located on the shift knob.
Enjoyment of control
  • Drivers can delight in the performance of THS-R in a genuine sports car while experiencing a sense of freedom thanks to the targa top.
  • Switching to manual mode is possible with the single press of a button, and 6-speed manual-style driving with H-pattern shifting can be enjoyed (the car is an automatic).
  • The hybrid battery is mounted near the center of vehicle. Installing the heavy battery in the center contributes to improved performance as a sports car.
Main Specifications
Name Length
Driveline Seating
GR HV SPORTS concept 4,395 1,805 1,280 Front engine, rear-wheel-drive 2

*The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 is to be held at Tokyo Big Site in Tokyo's waterfront area from October 25 through November 5, with press days on October 25 and 26, a special-invitation day on October 26, a preview day on October 27, and general public days from October 28 to November 5.