Motorsport Network launches new car buying platform, Motor GT

With's automotive news & car shopping platform already growing to eight countries across the globe, Motorsport Network continues to expand its reach with a new site exclusively targeting sales for pre-owned luxury, classic and high-performance cars with seeks to cater to another facet of the automotive enthusiast audience served by Motorsport Network. The new site will start with cars available for sale in the U.S. with future international expansion planned. already has more than 70,000 vehicles available for sale.

With more than 30 million used cars sold annually in the US, is set to serve the luxury, classic and high-performance segments of the market. The site will focus on making hard-to-find vehicles accessible and easily searchable both via desktop browser and mobile platforms. provides trust and clarity in the car buying process. Using tools that scan similar vehicles and create a quality score based on model, mileage, cost, how long a vehicle has been for sale, and price history, minimizes a buyer's risk and ensures that the consumer is investing in a quality vehicle.

The site also provides tools for both individuals and automotive dealers to showcase their cars for sale.

"Whether you are just browsing, dreaming of your next luxury vehicle or treating

yourself to your first dream car, our community will fuel your cardiction," said John-Martin Vogel, co-founder and president.

"70 per cent of online auto shoppers research and shop via mobile phone. Providing a great mobile car shopping experience was the first area of focus for us during our design phase of

"Whether it be extreme hypercars or supercars, luxury or vintage - has a very broad range of options. We're launching in the US to kick things off with a plan to expand further into international markets in the future.

"The unique access to vehicle data really gives buyers peace-of-mind when making a purchase. Many visitors coming to are looking for their dream car and we want to give them the tools that will let them shop with confidence.

"For the buyer it minimizes risk and allows them to have confidence in their automotive investments."

But also provides key advantages for sellers as well as buyers. Automotive dealers can list vehicles at no cost, have access to monthly market analysis reports, control monthly budgets in real-time and easily switch vehicle highlights.

The new site is another new title for the swiftly growing Motorsport Network, which has experienced rapid growth in the past two years to become the world's largest independent automotive and motorsport-related digital platform, connecting hundreds of millions of people that love motorsport and cars. Motorsport Network recently launched global jobs site - in August 2017, Hungary and tri-language Swiss edition for in July 2017.

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